William D. Hahn

William D. Hahn

USS Alabama (BB-60)
Served April 1942 to Dec. 1945

Basic Training - 1942 Norfolk, VA

Assigned to battleship USS Alabama (BB-60), when commissioned in August 16,1942 in Portsmouth, VA Navy Yard, as a "Plank Owner" I served from August 16, 1942 to December 1945 on the "Alabama", until I was discharged from the Navy after the war.

Gunnery Training - Anti-aircraft 20mm machine guns, Dam Neck, VA

Served as a 20 mm Machine gunner, protecting carriers with additional anti-aircraft cover.

Atlantic Fleet: 1942
British Home Fleet: 1943
Pacific Third Fleet: 1943-1945 under command of Adm. Halsey and Adm. Mitchner

During operations in Pacific the ship was in two typhoons, in the Phillipines and Okinawa. Phillipine typhoon resulted in 2 ships lost and a loss of over 700 crew men.

USS Alabama credit:
9 Battle Stars
22 Japanese Planes down
6 Shore bombardments

Separated from the Navy with a Honorable discharge - Dec.1945