Michael Lonergan

Michael Lonergan
  • Joined Eastport Volunteer Fire Department in 1974.
  • Joined the professional ranks of the Annapolis Fire Department in September 1976.
  • Graduated from Anne Arundel Fire Academy in February of 1977.
  • Promoted to First Class in September of 1980.
  • Promoted to Lieutenant in March of 1992. Assigned as officer in charge Fireboat 35.
  • Developed training and operating standards for Fireboat operations.
  • Developed a Physical Fitness Program.
  • Promoted to Captain on May 1997
  • Assigned as the departmentís Training , Safety and Marine Divisions.
  • Lead project to acquire accreditation with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International. Accreditation was awarded to the AFD on August 22, 2002.
  • Promoted to Battalion Chief in October of 2002.
  • Assigned as administrator of the following programs: Special Operations, Fire Marshalís Office, Training& Safety Office, Emergency Medical Services Office, Public Education and Information, Administrative Services and the Maintenance Shop.
  • Completed a thorough revision of the departmentís Operating Policy Manual.
  • Acquired a Federal grant to outfit all stations with physical fitness equipment.
  • Assigned Fire Chief in June 2004 by the Mayor. Confirmed as Fire Chief by the City Council in October 2004.
  • Redesigned and implemented a new organizational structure.
  • Revised employee job classifications and descriptions.
  • Revised Emergency Medical Services quality assurance program.
  • Acquired Federal and State grants to replace the departmentís fireboat.
  • Acquired Federal grant for fire prevention activities.
  • Implemented a mandatory physical fitness training program.
  • Retired as Fire Chief in September of 2005.
  • My son, Michael P. Lonergan Jr. joined the ranks of the Annapolis Fire Department in September of 2006.
The short version would be: Served as a Firefighter/ EMT in the field (where the rubber meets the road) from 1976- 1997 and worked in administration from 1997-2005.