Edward S. McLean

Edward S. McLean

Edward McLean currently a resident of Severna Park, MD was born in Boston, MA March 8, 1926 the son of Hugh B. McLean, USNA "24" and Helen B. McLean. As a Navy Junior he attended many schools, graduating from Coronado High School, Coronado, CA.

Ed enlisted in the Navy at age 17, in March 1943. He attended Submarine School at New London, CT, and upon graduation was assigned to wartime duty on several Fleet Boats, serving in the USS Sturgeon (SS187), USS Spikefish (SS404) and the school boat R-5 (SS82). At the end of WW II Ed was assigned to the surrendered German submarine, Class XXI U-boat, U2513, known as "Electro Boats." Ed served aboard U-2513 from October 1945 until his discharge in May 1946 to enter the Academy with the Class of 1950.

Upon his resignation from Navy, Ed joined Eastern Air Lines flight operations, and advanced to Supervisor of Easternís Control Center and Operations, at Washington National Airport. Ed left Eastern in 1963 to pursue new endeavors, and wound up at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, working as Nimbus "D" spacecraft Liaison Representative and as Contracting Officer for early Apollo dielectric tape camera experiments.

In 1969 Ed transferred to the newly formed U.S.Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) as Contracting Officer. During this assignment he was instrumental in acquiring three vessels for EPAís marine and estuarine monitoring programs. These vessels were; the USCG Maple, renamed Roger R. Simons, and two Ashville class 165-foot patrol gunboats, the USS Antelope, PG86 renamed Peter W. Anderson, and the USS Crockett PG88, later renamed Rachel Carson.

In 1984 Ed was then appointed Project Officer for the Ocean Survey Vessel (OSV) Peter W. Anderson. In addition to his duties, Ed was charged with setting up, and implementing monitoring schedules for EPAís Coastal Marine and Estuarine protection program. Also, Ed was an EPA certified "Chief Scientist" for survey operations, and a qualified Dive Master, participating in many dive surveys operations. Ed finally retired in September 1999, after 40 years of Government service.

He likes all sorts of sports to wit; he has raced Comet Class one design sailboats for over fifty years and earned many trophies in this sport. He has won the Comet Fleet and Territorial championship for the Chesapeake Bay. In 1983 Ed took up off-road racing and formed McLean Racing Enterprises Incorporated (MRE) Inc. He raced under the auspices of "SCORE International" (off-roadís NASCAR), in Class 9 open wheel buggies, and was sponsored by Hardee restaurants for several seasons. SCORE conducts off-road races in Baja California, MX and CA.AZ, UT, and NV. In 1996 his top finishes were second San Felipe 250, third in the BAJA 500 and second in the BAJA 1000. In the 2002 Ed finished fourth in the BAJA 1000. In 1998 he placed second in the desert racing points competition out of a field of 35 vehicles. Ed took up some flying and was able to pilot the NA club T-34B, albeit with help from a Marine pilot friend.

Ed is a life member of the Naval Academy Alumni Association, the Fleet Reserve Association, the Naval Submarine League, the Naval Institute, the NRA, the Submarine Force Library, VFW, the Comet Class Yacht Racing Association and The American Legion.