Larry W. Tolliver

Larry W. Tolliver


Thirty-nine years experience in law enforcement, marked by progressive responsibility in enforcement, administration, personnel management, criminal investigations, and department leadership.


Director, Comptroller of Maryland (1999 -2007)

Regulatory and Enforcement Division, Oversee the regulation of Maryland alcoholic beverage law, including licensing and taxation; enforcement of Maryland tax laws, including tobacco and motor fuel law; and issuance of a variety of licenses.

Field Enforcement Division, Comptroller of Maryland, Responsible for leadership of 55 person division charged with enforcement of Maryland tax laws, including alcohol, tobacco, motor fuel, and all tax related enforcement.

Chief, Anne Arundel County Police Department. Responsible for 800 person, comprehensive police agency in a major metropolitan county.

Superintendent, Maryland State Police (1992-95). Provided leadership for statewide police agency responsible for comprehensive enforcement of Marylandís criminal and traffic laws.

Maryland State Police (1967-1995). Held progressively responsible positions including traffic control, criminal investigation, supply and procurement administration, executive protection, and senior leadership as superintendent.

Selected Accomplishments

As Chief, Enforcement, Office of the Comptroller, increased arrests for illegal transport of cigarettes from 1 in 1998 to 160 in 2006; increased packs of cigarettes seized from 9,557 in 1998 to 184,990 in 2006; increased alcohol seized for tax violations from zero in 1998 to 651.391 gallons of wine in 2005, 124.463 gallons of distilled liquor in 2005 and 46,093 containers of beer in 2004; collected $1,079,535 in sales and use tax in 2005.

As Chief, Anne Arundel County, increased vice/narcotics arrests over 300 percent over year prior to appointment, increased vehicles seized for narcotics over 400 percent, increased cases cleared by arrest by more than 80 percent, increased prostitution and lewd behavior arrests by more than 450 percent each, increased drug seizures by more than 800 percent in 1998 compared to 1997.

As Superintendent, Maryland State Police, streamlined management of State Police, returning more officers to law enforcement functions.

Initiated Operation People, a highly successful cooperative, community-based program aimed at preventing crime, instilling respect for the police, and bringing multi-agency services to low income, crime plagued communities.

Initiated Marylandís Most Wanted television program and instituted the Operation Night Ride for high school students to improve public relations and expand citizen involvement in crime prevention.

Successfully implemented separation of the State Police from the Department of Corrections and Public Safety, pursuant to legislation. Was instrumental in developing legislation to create a DNA database to track sex offenders. Initiated the Insurance Fraud Unit with the Insurance Commissionerís Office.

Selected Public Service

Member, Board of Maryland Alcohol Licensing Association (1999-present)
Member, National Liquor Board Association (1999-present)
Chairman, Handgun Roster Board, 1992-1999
Member, Motor Vehicle Theft Commission, 1994-1999
Chairman, Maryland Police Training Commission, 1992-1999
Member, Governorís Executive Committee on Drugged and Drunk Driving, 1992-1999
Member, Maryland State Retirement Board, 1992-1999
Member, Governorís Commission on Emergency Medical Services, 1992-1999
Member, Maryland Post Mortem Examinerís Commission, 1992-1999

Selected Honors

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, Safety First Club, 1994
Outstanding Citizen, Maryland National Guard, 1993
Resolution of Commendation (Operation People), City Council of Annapolis, 1994

Citations, Maryland House of Delegates, Maryland State Senate, Governors Schaefer, Glendening, Mandel