Michael F Wirth, Boatsman 3rd class

Michael F Wirth

Michael F Wirth was sworn in the United States Navy on June 28, 1968 and preceded Great Lakes naval training Station in Illinois after completing training camp he received orders to report aboard the USS England DLG 22 command flag ship in the Philippines Island. (Subic Bay) for duty. The USS England was heading to Southeast Asia, (Gulf of Tonkin) Vietnam for combat duty. Seaman apprentice Wirth duties included mess coking, assistant mechanic on unrep stations, coxswain for captains GIG, utility boat and motor whale boat which are used for pilot rescue and landing parties.

After eight months in the combat zone the USS England returned to its home port of Long Beach California for some well needed repairs, after six months the Navy Decided to decommission the England to upgrade the radar systems and weapons, so the ship was taken to Bath Maine for upgrades. Seaman Wirth was transferred to the USS Benner (DD807) which was headed back to the combat zone after six months in the Gulf of Tonkin the Benner headed home to Long Beach, California.

Boatswain mate 3rd class Wirth received orders to report to the USS Ramsey (DEG-2) in Long Beach, California. The Ramsey remained in port for two months then headed to the combat zone. BM3 Wirth duties on this tour included: Boatswain Mate in charge of un rep Stations, Boatswain mate of the watch, coxswain for the captains GIG, ships swimmer and diver in pilot rescue and 1st division leader. Upon completion of this tour BM3 Wirth tour of active duty was coming to and end. On June 28th 1974 BM3 Wirth was Honorably discharged from active duty with several metals and accommodations.

Mr. Wirth was very athlete in high school, so tried playing professional football for the Baltimore Colts, unfortunately did not make the grade, but was asked to stay in the Semi-Pro league, while playing football Mr. Wirth decided he needed some type of carrier, so he started and apprenceship in the HVAC field. After ten years of playing football and repairing A/C and refrigeration systems he decided to take on another challenge and married Susan Ann Fleming, soon after being married they had three children, Michele, Michael and Nikki. Michele and Michael have graduated from WVU, Nikki is still working on her college diploma. Mr. Wirth is still repairing HVAC/R systems, working on his marriage with loving wife Susan and loving children in the Annapolis, Maryland area.